The problem: The Welsh Society of Hong Kong’s website was outdated, uninspiring and failing to refelct the modern and vibrant nature of the very active society. 


The brief: Simply redesign the site so that it was more in keeping with a modern site, making it easier to access and easier to navigate.


The solution: This project was relatively straigtforward and required moving to a new platform and creating a new website.


The society has very simple needs from a website and the new site would essentially act as a landing page and repositry of images from events. 


Gallery pages contain images from events from both recent and not so recent history. We also redesigned the banner and generally gave the site a new lease of life.


In the gallery to the right are a series of screenshots of the original website and the redesigned site. We hope you'll be able to tell when the images switch from old to new.

Period Communications

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Screenshot of the original website